Lets Hit Reset

If it were that easy..doing a juice cleanse is a great way to give your body a break from unhealthy food choices (let's be honest, we all make them), dehydration and general excess.

And even if you eat well, purity and do the clean living, we're all exposed to unavoidable environmental pollutants on a daily basis. It's estimated that, on average, we can all have at least 5 - 10lbs of accumulated toxic waste from sources like prescription drugs, cleaning products, auto pollution, dry cleaning chemicals as well as preservative and additives in the foods we eat.


The good news is your body is built to eliminate toxins! And it works hard at it on your behalf every single day. So lets help it. A round of applause. A total reboot. Give it the juice cleanse.

 Your skin will glow. You'll sleep better. You'll improve your digestion and reduce inflammation. You'll feel better physically and mentally. Who doesn't want that?!

Making a few changes before you start a juice cleanse can make your experience far more enjoyable and efficient. It's also a good idea to check with your primary care provider to see if a juice cleanse is appropriate for you.

  So even two days before you start your cleanse lets ditch some items

-Candy, chocolate bars and bags of chips

- Greasy take-out foods

- Wheat products such as bread and pastry

- Alcohol

- Tobacco

- Coffee

- Fatty foods

- Milk and cheese

- Red meat, chicken and pork 

- Drink lots of water!!!!

- Break a sweat


You will receive five juices and one almond milk per day. Your drinks are designed to be consumed in a specific order.

When you wake in the morning, sip a warm glass of water with a bit of lemon. Then enjoy your first juice. Consume the rest of your juices in two to two-and-a-half hour intervals.

Want to make the most of The Juice Cleanse? Try these tips.

- Cleanse with a friend.

-Take hot/cold showers. Not the most pleasant to switch to the cold but your lymph will thank you. Stand in a hot shower for two minutes followed by a 30 second cold shower. Do this five times.

- Do yoga. Bending, twisting and lengthening are all important for supporting the organs. 

Take a yin class for a relaxing deep stretch.

- Try an infrared sauna.

- Go for a nice, light walk.

- Get a massage.

You've reset your detoxification system, giving your body the rest that it needs and are now off to a fresh start. You'll notice that unhealthy refined foods no longer have the same appeal.

Most likely you'll be feeling so alert and energetic that you won't want to go back to your previous sugary snacks and morning coffee. 

We care as much about what happens during your cleanse as we do about what happens after. We are not a short-term weight loss fad. While most people do lose weight when cleansing we care most about improving your overall health and helping you live a more vibrant life.

You'll need to ease back into solid foods. The best way is to eat light, mostly raw plant-based meals as well as one or two juices daily for about three days. Keep hydrating and moving!

We have cleanses set up for a first timer ( little gentle)

Standard cleanse (balance between curisioty and experienced)

Green cleanse most rigorous detox (suitable for green juice fans or experience cleansers) 

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